Structural Repair


Whether it's your house, business premises or any other structure, we understand how worrying and destructive structural failures can be. 

We don't just arrive, fix the visual defects and leave. We will do a full survey of the property/structure, find all the visual defects, find the root cause of the defects, formulate a plan of action with input from the client and carry out the works required to fix all defects including the root cause.

Most common defects

  • Subsidence

  • Cracking around walls, windows and doors

  • Lintel failures

  • Failed wall ties

  • Bowed walls

Services we offer

  • Reconnecting party walls with external walls

  • Lintel replacement

  • Repairing separated masonry

  • Reconnecting internal walls with external walls

  • Repairing brick arch lintels

  • Repair cracks near corners and openings

  • Stabilising bowed walls into joist sides/ends

  • Wall tie replacement

  • Creating masonry beams

  • Crack stitching

  • Underpinning using Helical GroundScrews Screw Pile (Will involve beaming)

If you'd like to find out further information or are in need of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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